The town of Lexington, famous for being the site of the first shot of the American Revolution in the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775, is located approximately 11 miles northeast of Boston and is home to a number of important historical buildings, parks, and monuments. Lexington’s town center is of equal importance and offers residents and visitors numerous dining and shopping opportunities, fine art galleries and a local cinema.

One of the most prominent historical landmarks in Lexington, the “Common” or as it later became known the “Battle Green”, was the site of clashes between Minutemen soldiers and the British army and is marked by The Revolutionary Monument, the nation’s oldest standing war memorial. Other landmarks of historic importance include Buckman Tavern, Munroe Tavern, the Hancock-Clarke House, and the National Heritage Museum. Additionally, Lexington is home to the over 900-acre Minute Man National Historical Park which includes the 5-mile “Battle Road Trail”, a beautiful forest trail accessible from several different parking areas in both Lexington and neighboring Concord. The Wilson Farm, a 126-year-old family-run farm that harvests over 100 different crops year-around offers residents ample opportunities to support the local farm business.

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