Among the hundred most affluent towns in the United States, the town of Weston is also the wealthiest suburb in the Boston area with the highest per capita income in the state of Massachusetts. Located less than 15 miles west of Boston, Weston has developed into an attractive suburban town since its incorporation in 1713. Home to the number one public school system in Massachusetts according to a Boston Magazine evaluation in 2009, Weston’s public high school was also ranked 60th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in 2007. The town is equally known for having lowest crime rate among metro-west Boston suburbs.

Weston’s rich history is marked by the establishment of a number of important taverns along the famous Boston Post Road—the Golden Ball Tavern, built in 1750, still exists in town and can be visited. The building of the Worchester Turnpike in 1819 led to the beginning of the shoe-making industry, cotton manufacturing business and wool mill machinery manufacturing business in Weston. The next century would see the building of the Weston Aqueduct and Reservoir in 1903 and the Hultman Aqueduct in 1938. 

By the end of the nineteenth century, many of the period’s most reputable architects were building elaborate country estates for their Bostonian clients in the vast open spaces of Weston. This early residential character of Weston was further strengthened by the building of luxury homes by famous architects such as McKim and Richardson throughout the twentieth century. 

Weston’s affluent character and impressive homes in quiet well-kept neighborhoods have not deterred residents from actively preserving much of the towns open spaces—there are over sixty miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, cross-country skiing areas, and golf courses.


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